Because of Kamilla Miesak we now own a nice affordable home that is both within our price range and in a good neighborhood. She took us to see many properties in Jersey City and we were able to get a good feel for the various areas. When the house was put on the market she immediately arranged for us to view it and we were able to quickly put in an offer. She was very helpful throughout the process. We highly recommend her to anyone who needs an agent.


I am a first time home buyer, and I feel very lucky to have found Kamilla for a realtor. She was persistent, punctual, candid and a lot of fun to work with. I could not believe the amount of time she seemed to spend with me, through almost 6 months of searching. She stayed with me during the search, the negotiations, multiple offers, inspections, paperwork, attorney, bankers, and quickly became my go-to person for all questions and brainstorming related to the process. We spent so long looking for the right place, but she never hesitated to have me back out of deals that she felt did not work for me. If you are looking for a realtor you can trust will have your interest in mind, Kamilla Miesak is just the person.


Buying a home can be an exhaustive and complicated process, but with the help of a real estate professional like Kamilla, it is easier than you think. We worked with Kamilla in 2010. Her knowledge and expertise in the Home buying process are exceptional. She performed above and beyond all expectations, constantly keeping us in the loop and dealing with all the intricacies that come with a foreclosure sale. We believe that her ability to communicate and also reassure the buyer that everything was on track was incredible. Kamilla is clearly one of the best in the business and a true pleasure to work with. We highly recommend her.


I was totally impressed when Kamilla Miesak made her presentation and told me what she would do to market the house and how she would do it. She had potential buyers calling on the house the day I gave her the listing. There were four other homes for sale on my block at the time and they are still for sale !!! Kamilla Miesak is a hands on agent , knows her stuff and knows how to close the deal. She definitely goes the extra mile to help the buyer and the seller close the sale.


When it was time to sell my home and spoke with several local realtors, all assured me that the market was not favorable for the sellers. not kamilla miesak. she did her homework on the bayonne realestae market, helped to determind a fair market value for my home, promoted the property and three months later had an offer, very close to asking price. she helped smooth all the problems that came with the sale by staying in touch every day, even going out of her way (making several trips to city hall). her professionalism and warmth made the entire transaction quite memorable for me.


Kamilla Miesak was very knowledgeable when it came to pricing the property, because she knew what other homes sold for in that particular area. She always kept us informed, of what was going on. And most of all Kamilla's professionalism was outstanding!!!!!!!! It was such a pleasure working with her. Kamilla made our transition very smooth. We would highly recommend Kamilla Miesak.